An activity is defined by the extension ::fwActivities::registry::Activities. It is used to launch an AppConfig with the selected data, it will create a new data ::fwMedData::ActivitySeries that inherits from a fwMedData::Series.

There is two way to launch an activity: - from a selection of Series contained in a Vector - from a activity wizard

from a selection of Series contained in a Vector:

The service ::activities::action::SActivityLauncher allows to launch an activity from a selection of Series. Its role is to create the specific Activity associated with the selected data. The Series are contained in a ::fwData::Vector that can be filled by the user on clicking on the Series selection widget (::uiMedDataQt::editor::SSelector)

This action should be followed by the service guiQt::editor::SDynamicView : this service listens the action signals and launchs the activity in a new tab.

from the activity wizard:

The editor ::activities::editor::SCreateActivity and the action ::activities::action::SCreateActivity propose the list of the available activity for the application, and when the user select one of them it sends a signal with the activity identifier. The activity wizard (::uiMedDataQt::editor::SActivityWizard) listen this signal and display a widget to set the required data. The ::fwMedData::ActivitySeries is created and can be launched by the guiQt::editor::SDynamicView.

The process to create the activity with the different services works with signals and slots.

Activity series

The ::fwMedData::ActivitySeries has a ::fwData::Composite that contains all the data required by the activity.

class FWMEDDATA_CLASS_API ActivitySeries : public ::fwMedData::Series

    /// Constructor
    FWMEDDATA_API ActivitySeries();

    /// Destructor
    FWMEDDATA_API virtual ~ActivitySeries();

    /// Defines shallow copy
    FWMEDDATA_API void shallowCopy( const ::fwData::Object::csptr &_source );

    /// Defines deep copy
    FWMEDDATA_API void cachedDeepCopy( const ::fwData::Object::csptr &_source, DeepCopyCacheType &cache );

     * @brief Data container
     * @{ */
    ::fwData::Composite::sptr getData () const;
    void setData(const ::fwData::Composite::sptr & val);
    /**  @} */

     * @brief Activity configuration identifier
     * @{ */
    const std::string &getActivityConfigId () const;
    void setActivityConfigId (const std::string &val);
    /**  @} */


    /// Activity configuration identifier
    ConfigIdType m_activityConfigId;

    /// Data container
    ::fwData::Composite::sptr m_data;


<extension implements="::fwActivities::registry::Activities">
   <title>3D Visu</title>
   <desc>Activity description ...</desc>
        <requirement name="param1" type="::fwData::Image" /> <!-- defaults : minOccurs = 1, maxOccurs = 1-->
        <requirement name="param2" type="::fwData::Mesh" maxOccurs="3" >
        <requirement name="param3" type="::fwData::Mesh" maxOccurs="*" container="vector" />
        <requirement name="imageSeries" type="::fwMedData::ImageSeries" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="2" />
        <requirement name="modelSeries" type="::fwMedData::ModelSeries" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1">
             <desc>Description of the required data....</desc>
        <requirement name="transformationMatrix" type="::fwData::TransformationMatrix3D" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1" create="true" />
       <!-- ...-->
   <validator>::fwActivities::validator::ImageProperties</validator><!-- pour fw4spl_0.9.2 -->
   <appConfig id="myAppConfigId">
           <parameter replace="registeredImageUid" by="@values.param1" />
           <parameter replace="orientation" by="frontal" />
           <!-- ...-->

The activity parameters are (in the following order):


The activity unique identifier.


The activity title that will be displayed on the tab.


The description of the activity. It is displayed by the SActivityLauncher when several activity can be launched with the selected data.


The path to the activity icon. It is displayed by the SActivityLauncher when several activity can be launched with the selected data.


The list of the data required to launch the activity. This data must be selected in the vector (::fwData::Vector).


A required data.

Key used to add the data in the activity Composite.
The data type (ex: ::fwMedData::ImageSeries).
minOccurs (optional, “1” by default):
The minimum number of occurrences of this type of object in the vector.
maxOccurs (optional, “1” by default):
The maximum number of occurrences of this type of object in the vector.
container (optional, “vector” or “composite”, default: composite):
Container used to contain the data if minOccurs or maxOccurs are not “1”. If the container is “composite”, you need to specify the “key” of each object in the composite.
create (optional, default “false”):
If true and (minOccurrs == 0 && maxOccurs == 1), the data will be automatically created if it is not present.
desc (optional):
description of the parameter
validator (optional):
validator to check if the associated data is well formed (inherited of ::fwAtivities::IObjectValidator)


The builder is only used when the activity series is created from a selection of Series. Implementation of the activity builder. The default builder is ::fwActivities::builder::ActivitySeries : it creates the ::fwMedData::ActivitySeries and adds the required data in its composite with de defined key.

The builder ::fwActivities::builder::ActivitySeriesInitData allows, in addition to what the default builder does, to create data when minOccurs == 0 and maxOccurs == 0.

validators (optional)

It defines the list of validators. If you need only one validator, you don’t need the “validators” tag (only “validator”).

validator (optional):

It allows to validate if the selected required objects are correct for the activity.

For example, the validator ::fwActivities::validator::ImageProperties checks that all the selected images have the same size, spacing and origin.


It defines the AppConfig to launch and its parameters

Identifier of the AppConfig
List of the parameters required by the AppConfig

Defines a parameter

Name of the parameter as defined in the AppConfig
Defines the string that will replace the parameter name. It should be a simple string (ex. frontal) or define a sesh@ path (ex. @values.myImage). The root object of the sesh@ path is the composite contained in the ActivitySeries.


There is three types of validator :

Pre-build validator

This type of validator is only used when the activity series is created from a selection of Series. This type of validators checks if the current selection of data is correct to build the activity. It inherits of ::fwActivities::IValidator and must implement the methods:

ValidationType validate(
       const ::fwActivities::registry::ActivityInfo& activityInfo,
       SPTR(::fwData::Vector) currentSelection ) const;

Activity validator

This type of validator checks if the ::fwMedData::ActivitySeries is correct to launch its associated activity. It inherits of ::fwActivities::IActivityValidator and must implement the method:

ValidationType validate(const CSPTR(::fwMedData::ActivitySeries) &activity ) const;

The validator ::fwActivities::validator::DefaultActivity is applied if no other validator is defined. It checks if all the required objets are present in the series and if all the parameters delivered to the AppConfig are present.

It provides some method useful to implement your own validator.

Object validator

This type of validator checks if the required object is well formed. It can check a single object or a Vector or a Composite containing one type of object. It inherits of ::fwActivities::IObjectValidator and must implement the method:

ValidationType validate(const CSPTR(::fwData::Object) &currentData ) const;


Services are available to create/launch activities :


This action allows to launch an activity according to the selected data.



There is an action or an editor (::activities::action::SCreateActivity or ::activities::editor::SCreateActivity). This services display the available activities according to the configuration.

When the activity is selected, the service sends a signal with the activity identifier. It should works with the ::uiMedData::editor::SActivityWizard that creates or updates the activitySeries.

<service uid="action_newActivity" type="::activities::action::SCreateActivity">
    <!-- Filter mode 'include' allows all given activity id-s.
         Filter mode 'exclude' allows all activity id-s excepted given ones. -->
filter (optional):
it allows to filter the activity that can be proposed.
mode: ‘include’ or ‘exclude’.
Defines if the activity in the following list are proposed (include) or not (exclude).
id of the activity


This editor allows to select the data required by an activity in order to create the ActivitySeries. This editor displays a tab widget (one tab by data). It works on a ::fwMedData::SeriesDB and adds the created activity series into the seriesDB.



To launch the activity, you will need to connect the services in you AppConfig:

<extension implements="::fwServices::registry::AppConfig">

        <object uid="seriesDB" type="::fwMedData::SeriesDB" />
        <!-- ... -- >

        <!-- Editor to select an activity. -->
        <service uid="activitySelector" type="::activities::editor::SCreateActivity" />

        <service uid="activityCreator" type="::uiMedDataQt::editor::SActivityWizard" >
            <inout key="seriesDB" uid="seriesDB" />

        <service uid="dynamicView" type="::guiQt::editor::SDynamicView" autoConnect="yes">
            <mainActivity id="myMainActivity" closable="false" />
            <inout key="SERIESDB" uid="seriesDB" />
                <parameter replace="ICON_PATH" by="${appIconPath}" />

        <!-- Display the gui allowing to create a ::fwMedData::ActivitySeries with the required data for
             the selected activity. -->

        <!-- Launch the activity when it is created. -->